Concerts at the Zurkow Festival

The Zurkow Festival builds cultural bridges between Switzerland and Poland. Concerts and afterparties at the Festival are played by great Swiss and Polish artists.


The concerts take place at Club Szpitalna 1, right in the heart of Krakow’s olf town.

Szpitalna 1, 33-332 Kraków, Poland


Admission is free for Festival visitors, who got wristband during the day. Everyone else can get a ticket at the club for XX PLN at the night of the concert. The ticket includes access to all concerts and after party that night.

Thursday, 23 November - Singer Songwriter

21:00 - Concert: TBA

Gypsy and the Acid Queen krakow concert singersongwriter szpitalna 1 zurkow

22:45 - Concert: Gypsy and the Acid Queen

Gypsy and the Acid Queen is the nickname of Cracovian musician Kuba Jaworski.
Contrary to what the name implies, we will not find any queen in the band. There is only a mysterious Gypsy.
By using looping techniques, guitars, electronic instruments and vocals,
It creates the sound of the whole band, introducing the audience into hypnotic trance.
Dingy melodies combined with the psychedelic blues guitar sound and slightly mysterious voice, telling
The story of this world is not the climate of summer 69.
Concerts are an interesting experience, even though there is only one person on the stage, this is a “transcendental” experience.
Gypsy finished his first solo album with the unexpected Gypsy and the Acid Queen

Friday, 24 November - Indie Rock

swiss concert zurkow startup festival krakow

21:00 - Concert: Frabjous (CH)

Frabjous is an alternative rock band that originated in the mountains of the Bernese Oberland.

Their sound covers a dynamic mix of hard rock outbursts and soft acoustic elements, which perfectly encircles their heartfelt lyrics.

Patrick The Pan Indie Rock concert krakow zurkow szpitalna 1 startup club festival

22:45 - Concert: Patrick the Pan

My name isn’t Patrick. Peter I am. Patrick The Pan. I write. I play. I sing. I procrastinate. I am funny. But. Sad Songs. Not of love. Of Love. Of animals. Of people. Of You. Hi.

24:00 - Afterparty: Naphta, Ola Teks, Puto

Saturday, 25 November - HipHop

Rosalie concert krakow festival szpitalna 1 zurkow switzerland

21:00 - Concert: Rosalie (PL)

Rosalie comes from Berlin but spent most of her life in Poznan. In her music, she mixes the inspirations of the American R&B and hip-hop sound of the ’80 / ’90 with a passion for new electronics.

liricas analas konzert concert tour festival krakow krakau startup zurkow

22:45 - Concert: Liricas Analas (CH)

Liricas Analas is a rap crew from the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. They recorded the first ever rap album in the Romansh language. Romansh is a language spoken by only a few thousand people, yet instantly identifiable as Swiss, Liricas Analas takes the concept of Lokalpatriotismus (local pride), which is so prevalent in the Swiss hip-hop scene, to an extreme level.

24:00 - Afterparty: Daniel Drumz, Kixnare, Ryan R