Zurkow StartUp & Live Music Festival

23. - 25. November, Krakow - Poland

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Join us to discuss the future of international collaboration & disruptive innovationthe three pillars of the event:
Get inspired: Talks & Workshops
Network: Meet like-minded people
Be entertained: Live music & Concerts

About The zurkow startup festival

Join us to discuss the future of international collaboration and disruptive innovation!

The Zurkow festival is an international event in Krakow (Poland) that is all about innovation today, international collaboration, networking and good music.
The festival’s main focus lies on the exchange of polish and swiss startup wisdom, music and culture. But of course people from every nation and cultural background are more than welcome to take part in this exceptional event.

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Szpitalna 1
Kraków, Poland

Date & Time

23 - 25 November 2017
18:00 - 24:00 (Thursday)
10:00 - 02:00 (Friday - Saturday)
10:00 - 02:00 (Saturday - Sunday)

International collaboration is one of two focus topics at the Zurkow Festival. The goal behind the festival is a symbiosis of StartUp scenes. For now mainly the ones in Krakow and Zurich. That’s also how the name Zurkow came to life. There’s so much potential in these two communities just by themself and we believe that an exchange between the two and maybe even a long-term collaboration between swiss and polish StartUps can create incredible things.

In a wider perspective the Zurkow organisation has the goal to form a longtime platform between StartUps world wide. Possibly, even with
physical facilities in cities. The other focus topic is innovation. It’s a word that was dragged to an endless amounts of articles, discussions, conferences, meetings and so on. But what is innovation? What really makes something innovative today, how can we really be original and how do we avoid just being a copy of something that has already been done? That is really one of the big make or break clues for StartUps. An unoriginal company is like a fish in a puddle


Szpitalna 1

Szpitalna 1, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
The Festival will take place in an exotic location: A club in the heart of Krakow's old town.

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FrabjousIndie Rock Band
Liricas AnalasLiricas Analas
Liricas Analas
Liricas AnalasHipHop Group


Olivier van der HoevenOlivier van der Hoeven
Olivier van der Hoeven
Olivier van der HoevenFestival Director SHNIT worldwide shortfilm festival
Martin Kawalski, MD PhDMartin Kawalski, MD PhD
Martin Kawalski, MD PhD
Martin Kawalski, MD PhDFounder & CEO SnowCookie
Michal AlinskiMichal Alinski
Michal Alinski
Michal AlinskiExecutive Vice president ETH Entrepreneur club
Sam HänniSam Hänni
Sam Hänni
Sam HänniFounder & CEO SwissMadeMarketing
Daniel BächtoldDaniel Bächtold
Daniel Bächtold
Daniel BächtoldHead of Development SwissMadeMarketing
Pawel KulonPawel Kulon
Pawel Kulon


Talks are 30 minutes long, including Q&A.



Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the festival.

Why did you choose Krakow as the location for the Zurkow StartUp Festival?

Poland and especially Krakow have undergone a lot of development over the last decade. Krakow has a vibrant StartUp community and has established itself as the StartUp capital of eastern europe.

We think connecting emerging and established communities is interesting and beneficial for everyone.

When and where can I buy tickets?

Admittance to the event is free of charge. We do appreciate it, if you register on our eventbrite.

I can't make it to the event, can I follow the talks online?

There will be a livestream of the talks and you will even be able to ask questions online. After the event, the videos will be available on our YouTube channel.

Who is behind the zurkow StartUp Festival?

The Zurkow StartUp Festival is organised by the zurkow non-profit association, registered in Bern, Switzerland.

We are a group of three young swiss Entrepreneurs who are not only very into creating and marketing projects, but also see it as our mission to bring the world together. Bit by bit, day by day. That’s why we are very passionate
about setting up a festival like this, where so much individual brilliance can come together.

How many visitors are you expecting?

In total, we expect 1’500 visitors + 1’000 viewers on the livestream.

When will the final programme be announced?

The final programme is expected to be announced by the end of august. In the meantime, check out our preliminary version on our website.

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to fit the festival's crowd?

No, definitely not. Our festival’s goal is not only to connect StartUp Communities, but to stimulate cultural and artistic exchange in varying forms.

Can I make suggestions concerning the programme?

We’d love to hear any of your thoughts and ideas for the festival. Please hit us up at info@zurkow.org

Do I have to attend the whole programme?

Our ticket types range from Festival Passes to Passes for just the entrepreneurial part or just the musical part of the event. Individual tickets for Talks, Workshops, Concerts and Parties are also available.

If you still have unanswered questions after reading this page, please contact us.


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